How This Works
Redeeming your GIFT is easy.

Follow the simple instructions below and enjoy the GIFT of your choice:

1.  Enter your GIFT CODE and VALID EMAIL ADDRESS on our HOME PAGE and Click SUBMIT.
You must redeem this code within 60 days and select your GIFT or it will become null
and void.

2.  Choose your GIFT from the wide selection of choices offered. Be sure to read all
information about your GIFT options, along with the program’s Terms & Conditions, so
you select the best item for you. Once you choose your GIFT, we cannot exchange it for
another choice.

3.  Go to your Email Inbox and open the email from GIFT@ChooseMyPerfectGift.com

4.  Follow the email instructions to redeem your selected GIFT.

5.  Enjoy your GIFT!

IMPORTANT: Your GIFT email will be immediately sent to you. However, email servers may be slow at various times of the day, so please be patient if you do not receive your GIFT email right away. Also, your GIFT email may be diverted into your SPAM folder. So please check your SPAM folder prior to contacting us if you do not receive your GIFT email in a timely fashion.

Thank you,

Your friendly staff at